14 october 2022



As a result of operative-search measures and investigative actions jointly carried out by the National Security Service of RA, the Anti-Corruption Committee of RA and the Investigative Committee of RA, within the framework of consistent work aimed at combating corruption, a case of demanding and receiving a bribe in an especially large amount by a person holding an autonomous position was detected.

In particular, as a result of various effective operative-search measures taken on the basis of data received from the RA Investigative Committee in the RA National Security Service, factual data were obtained that V.A. holding the position of an investigator for particularly important cases of the Department for the Investigation of Cases on Special Assignments of the RA Investigative Committee, using the influence due to his official powers, during the preliminary investigation of criminal proceedings conducted in the RA Investigative Committee for committing actions in favor of the spouses of A.H. and A.J․accused of fraud, in particular, to terminate their criminal prosecution and criminal proceedings after 23 September, 2021, with the assistance of G.M. demanded in parts and received a bribe on an especially large scale - a total of 60.900 USD, equivalent to 24.738.798 AMD.

As a result of the same measures, it was also established that V.A., using the influence due to his official powers, performed actions in favor of the grandson of K.Kh., namely, for exemption from  compulsory military service demanded and received a large amount of bribe - 5.000 USD equivalent to 2.031.100 AMD.

It was also established that V. A., using the influence due to his official powers to the detriment of state and official interests, during the preliminary investigation of criminal proceedings carried out in the RA Investigative Committee, on the fact of a fatal collision on 22 July, 2022 on the Masis - Ayntap highway, in a car driven by the defendant in the same case, A.H., intervened in the preliminary investigation for a monetary bribe, as a result of which, in relation to A.H. a measure of restraint not related to deprivation of liberty was chosen, as a result, significant damage was caused to the legitimate interests of the state, namely, the interests of justice were undermined.

On the above-mentioned facts, criminal proceedings were initiated in the Anti-Corruption Committee of RA on the grounds of Article 435, Part 3, Clause 3, Article 436, Part 3, Clause 2, Article 435, Part 2, Clause 2, Article 436, Part 2, Clause 2 and Article 441, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code, within the framework of which, on 13 October, 2022, as a result of joint investigative actions carried out by employees of the National Security Service and the Anti-Corruption Committee of RA V.A., A.H., A.J., K.Kh. and G.M. were brought in to the Anti-Corruption Committee of RA and detained.

The preliminary investigation is underway.

Note: Anyone charged with a crime is considered innocent as long as his/her guilt is not proven in a manner prescribed by the Code of Criminal Procedure of RA - by the court decision entered into legal force.