Procedure of reception of citizens

The procedure of organizing the reception of the citizens at the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia

The present procedure determines the organization of the reception of RA citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons (hereinafter citizens) at the RA National Security Service.
The reception of the citizens is carried out by the Director of the RA National Security Service or upon his order by another official of RA NSS who is in a position of the issue under consideration. The reception is carried out on the second Wednesday of each month from 11:00 to 13:00 AM.
The citizens’ reception is based on a written application submitted in advance where the issue under consideration should be indicated.
The reception of the citizens in RA National Security Service is conducted exclusively on the issues related to the functions and objectives of the Service. In case the issue does not relate to the RA NSS functions and objectives, the reception is not hold, and the applicant will receive a written notice from the RA NSS Director’s staff.
The application of the citizen for reception is discussed by the staff in accordance with the established procedure. The head of the Staff of Director of the NSS of RA, after coordinating with the RA NSS Director, specifies the day and time of the reception, and the applicant is informed in written (in case of need also by phone).
The reception of the citizens is carried out in a separated room (reception room), and in specific cases the reception can be held in the office of the RA NSS Director or in the office of another official.
During the reception of citizens by the RA NSS Director, upon his order, other officials of the RA NSS can be present as well.
During the reception, the citizen must come on the designated day and time to the reception room of the NSS of RA with an identifying document. In the reception room, the officer of the Staff of Director of the NSS of RA checks the validity of documents and compares them with the data indicated in the corresponding reception list for the given day. In the case when the reception is to be conducted in the office of the corresponding official, citizens are accompanied by an officer of the Staff of Director of the NSS of RA to the office (reception room), according to the procedure provided for.
The official conducting the reception must attentively hear out the citizen and take over his application for a comprehensive study. If the facts and circumstances concerning the issue raised in the application are obvious and do not require additional check-up, then, with the citizen’s consent, a verbal reply can be given to the application. In all other cases, a written reply is given to the citizen, in compliance with the procedure provided for by the law.
A corresponding box for written applications of citizens is placed in the reception room of the NSS of RA, from which applications are taken out once a day by the designated officer for the applications, from the 1st department of the Staff of Director of the NSS of RA.