International cooperation

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia within its competence cooperates and interacts with a number of special services, security and law-enforcement bodies and other agencies of foreign states in order to ensure a higher level of security of RA and to protect the state from new challenges and threats, thus affecting maintenance of stability and enhancement of regional security level.
In the sphere of professional activities, the NSS of RA cooperates in the field of intelligence, counterintelligence, military counterintelligence, fight against terrorism, science and technology, etc. The specialized units of the NSS of RA carry out activities on prevention of international terrorism and extremism, illicit drug trafficking, illegal migration, “dirty” money laundering, illicit trafficking in weapons and ammunition, illicit trafficking in nuclear materials, economic and financial crimes and other types of illegal activities.
At the same time the NSS of RA is a member of the Council of the Heads of Security Bodies and Special Services of the CIS Member States. Within the Council, as part of the corresponding commissions, the NSS of RA is involved and participate in different discussions, particularly in the fields of the fight against international terrorism and organized crime, scientific and technical cooperation, international illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, information security, ensuring the international transport security.
Besides, the NSS of RA regularly participates in the following international events:
- meeting of the heads of special services, security and law-enforcement bodies on the fight against international terrorism;
- meeting of the heads of security bodies and intelligence services of the CIS member states;
- bilateral meetings of the delegation of the NSS of RA with partner special services.
Moreover, the NSS is a partner of the CIS Antiterrorism Center and other international organizations and within this activity it regularly participates in sessions and meetings, and, in its turn, organizes and holds similar events and closely cooperates with the above-mentioned organizations.