About STR department

About the training and retraining department of the specialists of the RA NSS Border Guard Troops

The educational center of the Border Guard Troops of the RA NSS was founded in 1994. From the day of its foundation, the educational centre has trained various specialists from the conscripts and contract servicemen. Each year, in the educational center about 1,000 recruits take courses of initial training for military service - "Young Fighter".

In 2018, on the basis of the Center, the department of training and retraining of BT spacialists was formed. Over time, the activities of the department have expanded, and currently various groups of military servicemen, such as officers and non-commissioned officers, contract and mandatory military servicemen are trained here. In the department of training and retraining of specialists, general training of (recruits) mandatory military servicemen is carried out. With servicemen of various groups of the Border Guard Troops, classes are conducted on tactics of border troops, professional training of border control bodies, public and state training, legal training and other areas. In addition to professional disciplines, military servicemen of border control bodies are also taught English and Russian in order to communicate with foreigners at checkpoints across the state border.

The specialized classrooms of the department are equipped with modern technology and appropriate software. During the training, military servicemen get acquainted with the technical characteristics of all devices and develop the skills to use them.

The department also has a specialized classroom for learning foreign languages, equipped with modern technology, as well as a computer classroom where military servicemen with the help of appropriate modules take various courses on border control. At the end of the course, the computer determines the level of knowledge acquired by the given serviceman and allows him to proceed to the next stage.

The teaching process is always accompanied by the presentation of videos, graphic, schematic or other types of presentations. Professional films are shown, as well as when presenting some materials during the courses, various situational problems are posed, and role-playing games are organized. The department constantly develops training and retraining programs for different groups of servicemen, educational-methodical manuals, handbooks, etc.

Within the framework of international cooperation, representatives of international organizations, such as the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), ICMPD (International Center for Migration Policy Development), UNHCR (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), IOM (International Organization for Migration), ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) are often involved in the educational process (as well as in online courses), including with the aim of improving the teaching skills of the teaching staff of the department.