Counterintelligence is a system of functions executed within the competence of national security bodies aimed at disclosure, prevention and frustration of the intelligence activities of special services and other organizations, as well as individuals of foreign states. It is one of the most important components and main directions of the activity of national security bodies without which it is impossible to confront the threats and challenges containing external and internal risks that are stipulated by the intelligence and plot-breeding endeavors and invasions of foreign special services directed against the security of the state, society and individuals.
A special role is reserved to counterintelligence also in the functions of ensuring the security of political, military, economic, scientific and educational, public and other areas, protection of the state and official secrecy, fight against organized criminal groupings.
The counterintelligence bodies within their competence perform an important function in the RA armed forces and other military formations also, as well as carry out functions in disclosing, disruption and prevention of crimes in the authorities of armed forces, prevent and counteract the penetration of foreign special services into the armed forces and meanwhile actively support the AF command in providing fighting capacity and military readiness of the army.
The counterintelligence bodies of the Republic of Armenia since their establishment to the being time are organizing their functions with the use of explicit and confidential methods and means not prohibited by the RA Constitution, guided by the RA Constitution, laws “On Service in National Security Bodies”, “On Operational Intelligence Activity” and a number of other laws and departmental normative acts.
Since 1992 the RA counterintelligence bodies succeeded in disclosing several dozens of spies and agents of main hostile and other foreign special services, a number of disruptive, subversive, terrorist intrusion plans and activities against the state security were prevented and counteracted.
Under the current complicated and rapidly changing geopolitical conditions the RA NSS counterintelligence bodies are able to and successfully carry out functions stipulated by the legislation.