Economic Security and Countering Corruption

The economic and corruption crimes are traditionally considered high-level latency crimes. Their detection, revelation, as well as the substantiation of the guilt of the officials are often very difficult, requiring the implementation of consistent, knowledgeable, planned and coordinated activities by operative-search authorities.
The integrated study of statistical data of economic and corruption crimes detected in RA testifies that it is a real threat for both the national security and the reputation of the Republic of Armenia in the international platform, because such crimes directly have a negative impact upon the normal work of the financial and economic areas which are a vital importance for the functioning of the State; they contradict the principal of equal economic competition between business entities, as well as endanger the financial economic attractiveness of the Republic of Armenia for potential large investments.
Due to the anti-corruption policy adopted by the government of RA, and within the framework of legal, structural and organizational serious reforms implemented in the National Security Service of RA, a separate body for economic security and countering corruption has been established to increase the efficiency of the fight against the above-stated threats, as well as of the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing.
The subdivision will provide counterintelligence support mainly in the fields of sustainment, financial-budgetary, tax, customs, transport, judiciary and law enforcement systems, as well as will conduct relevant informational and analytical activities, that will be carried out by the NSS officers with relevant expertise.
The NSS of RA body for economic security and countering corruption will cooperate with both NSS subdivisions and other agencies and special services of foreign States.