Protection of Constitutional Order and Fight against Terrorism

According to the Law of the Republic of Armenia on ''The National Security Authorities of RA'', the responsibilities and tasks of the national security authorities are to detect, to prevent, to suppress terrorist acts, as well as to struggle against illegal armed formations, criminal groups and individuals and organizations that have a purpose to violently change the constitutional order. The body of the National Security Service of RA implementing the function of maintaining the constitutional order and fighting against terrorism coordinates the implementation of integrated activities by national security authorities to ensure the protection of vital and critical infrastructure facilities against terrorist acts in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. In order to promote the efficiency of the fight against terrorism and other extreme manifestations in RA, the subdivision prepares suggestions directed at drafting and improving regulations on the protection of individuals, society and State against the before-mentioned threats; cooperates with foreign anti-terrorist structures to constantly exchange information and studies their experience. Within the framework of cooperation, officers of the authority on protection of constitutional order and fight against terrorism maintain working contacts with the Anti-Terrorist Centre of CIS Member States, with international structures combating terrorism (INTERPOL, UN structures) and with special services of other States. The officers of the structure thoroughly explore and analyze cases of terrorism or of other extremist manifestations in different parts of the world, the reasons and conditions of their origin, the organization by special services of activities aimed at neutralizing or mitigating the consequences. The theoretical knowledge accumulated as a result of this activity is subsequently tested in practical military exercises and other various exercises. Exercises with actors conducting fight against terrorism are organized and carried out on a planned basis, including in the vital and critical infrastructure facilities of RA. During the exercises, situations of conducting terrorist acts in different facilities are modeled, including the release of “hostages” and negotiation with “terrorists”. This kind of exercises are implemented also with the Anti-Terrorist Centre of CIS Member States every year; the exercises usually go through several stages, involving antiterrorism authorities in the territories of the States participating in the exercises
Not a single State body, conducting the fight against terrorism in the Republic of Armenia, can succeed without the support of the citizen of the Republic of Armenia.