21 april 2022

Quarterly Summary

Quarterly Summary

On the materials prepared in the RA National Security Bodies during January-March 2022 materials and the progress of initiated criminal cases, as well as on the transfer of primary information to other competent authorities

During the reporting period, as a result of the implementation of the functions assigned to them by law, 624 materials or initial information were transferred by the RA National Security Service to various competent state bodies of RA to determine their further course in the manner prescribed by law, on the basis of which 80 criminal cases were initiated.

67 materials on violations in the economic sphere were sent to the competent state bodies of RA, some of which are still under investigation, of which 29 are about abuses and misappropriation of official powers, 26 are about various violations of economic activity, including for smuggling or illegal import on false invoices, as well as tax and duty evasion, 10- on the payment of wages to a person who is not actually working, 2-on illegal provision of compensation.

17 materials on violations in the field of illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances were sent to the RA competent state bodies, some of which are still under investigation, of which 9 are on the import or sale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, 8 are on illegal consumption of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

During the indicated period, there were 226 criminal cases were in the proceedings of the investigators of the Investigation Department of the RA NSS, of which 98 criminal cases were initiated by the investigators of the Department, 46 criminal cases were received from others bodies, the proceedings of 14 criminal cases were resumed, and 68 criminal cases were transferred from 2021.

During the reporting period, out of the investigated criminal cases being processed by the Investigation Department, 15 criminal cases against 19 persons were sent to the court, 49 criminal cases were terminated, proceedings in 31 criminal cases were suspended, 42 criminal cases were sent to the investigative jurisdiction, 16 criminal cases were merged with other criminal cases under investigation in the Investigation Department, the preliminary investigation of 73 criminal cases is ongoing.

During the mentioned period, in criminal cases initiated and investigated by the Investigation Department of the RA NSS, according to preliminary estimates, the total amount of damage caused by crimes amounted to 6.982.174.367 AMD, of which the amount of initial damage caused to the state amounted to 6.695.459.950 AMD, legal entities - 274.775.217 AMD, and individuals – 11.939.200 AMD.

At the same time, at the preliminary investigation stage, 2.480.312.771 AMD was restored from the specified damage caused to the state, and 270.571.217 AMD from the damage caused to legal entities.